What is Low-Code?

So much has been written about low-code in recent years that, with this post, I wish to provide only a ‘conduit’ to a few resources, which I think are useful for those who may be new to the concept of low-code. Here we go…

Clint Boulton Senior Writer, CIO | MAR 27, 2018 provides a nice summary;

“Low-code development platforms employ visual, declarative techniques, which define data, logic, flows, forms and other application artefacts, without writing code, according to Forrester Research. Such tools enable developers to drag and drop application components as if they are moving virtual Lego blocks around a computer screen. Developers may code to integrate access to older applications, for reporting, and for special user interface requirements, Forrester analyst John Rhymer wrote in an October 2017 research report.”

OutSystems is a low-code platform that lets you visually model your entire application, easily integrate with existing systems, and add your own custom code when you need it. OutSystems is offered Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), securely hosted in AWS, or you may deploy the platform on-premise or in your own private cloud.

Unashamedly, I promote OutSystems amongst several low-code options in the market. OutSystems is widely regarded as the pioneer and leader in the market – if you love reading analyst reviews, click here! I believe OutSystems offers the most comprehensive low-code Web/Mobile application development and DevOps platform today. They have solid investment and an inspiring vision for future, e.g. incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning into the platform in the form of ‘developer assistants’ which will empower developers even more and accelerate productivity.

There is a ton of information available on the OutSystems site, as well as numerous videos on the OutSystems Youtube Channel. If you are new to OutSystems, then I suggest watching the following short videos as an intro;

OutSystems 2-Minute Overview

Deliver mobile and web applications fast with OutSystems

The blog post, “What is Low-Code?”, also provides a short to-the-point discussion about low-code.